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The Perfect Gift for book-lovers

The family of an old friend of mine had a very simple formula for Christmas Day, ensuring everyone received the perfect gift. They all bought each other a book. The biggest challenge was when buying that special book for their family member, my friend always bought a book she wanted. But she had a solution for that too: “As long as you read it with clean fingers before wrapping it up and putting it under the tree, nobody would be any the wiser!”

My dear friend comes to mind as Christmas draws near and I’m so excited to have a book of my very own to wrap and give at Christmas. Since hitting #1 on Amazon and seeing my book on their Gift Ideas page, I have been inspired to offer “Write About Me” as the perfect gift this Christmas.

?????My publicist has booked a day, with champagne, for signing and wrapping my gift for your family and friends. We want to make sure the books arrive in time so we have two mailout dates:

  • December 6 and December 11

There are two ways to order:

And Merry Christmas to my dear friend whose very own personally-signed and wrapped copy of “Write About Me” is on its way x


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