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Power of the presses

Restart the presses! This is the heading of a message a colleague of mine sent a couple of days ago when he came across this article in the New York Times:

He is one of many people who know me so well. My early career in newspaper newsrooms where we printed the papers onsite has given me a lifelong affinity with newspaper print and all things handmade.

I still remember as a young rural journalist at The Wimmera Mail-Times the camaraderie after work “out the back” collating the newspapers we’d all worked so hard to put together that day.

Although I am also an advocate of online media and the wonderful opportunities it provides to spread your message globally, this will never replace a morning cup of coffee and the day’s newspaper spread out before you in black and white.

So it was with much delight that I was on the receiving end of the power of newspapers this week when an article appeared in the Tamworth-based Northern Daily Leader, leading to me being invited to be a guest at a prestigious author speaking event for around 250 people.

No other regional daily in Australia covers such a vast circulation area which includes nearly 20 local government areas and I am thrilled that editor Daniel Johns has taken such an interest in my story.

And he’s the not the only one. Thanks to the many newspapers right around Australia that are covering “Write About Me” and all its milestones, a staggering number of people are stopping me on the street, sending emails, following The Word Mint on Facebook and purchasing my book.

The power of the presses lives on.


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