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Winning combination – by Natasha Gilmour, Author of Being, Joy

“Melissa-Jane Pouliot’s debut novel “Write About Me” combines her understanding of human nature with absorbing, unpredictable storytelling – a winning combination.

A book that is so well written, from beginning to end, transports you into the environment in which the story is written while exploring the far-reaching and long-term impacts of when someone goes missing.

Melissa-Jane’s main character Annabelle Brown is introduced on Sunday November 20, 1988 where she finds her solace in sitting by the campfire drinking Stone’s Green Ginger wine in the opening pages, oblivious to her surroundings of being alone.

“Write about me,” Annabelle said, “Write about me ‘cause I am dead.”

Intrigue begins on Monday July 10, 1988 as the story unravels.

Melissa-Jane’s debut fictional novel is based on a true story of the Author’s cousin Ursula Dianne Barwick who has been missing for 26 years.

The Author crafts her words through a clever eighty-six subtitles.

‘Write About Me’ is a stunning and provocative debut novel that will resonate and appeal to everyone, everywhere; a delightful piece of fiction that will make you laugh, cry and remember the transformational power of literature.” 

An excellent read…with global implications – by Child-Safe International founding chairman Chris Gould, retired UK Detective Chief Superintendent

As an ex-professional who has worked on numerous cases of missing people, I found the story enthralling, emotionally and psychologically accurate with a wide range of implicit messages and support for those families and friends who have ever found themselves in such an awful position.

Advances in the development of social media; support in Australia with the introduction of the AFP National Missing Persons Co-ordination Centre, Crimestoppers, Missing Persons Advocacy Network (MPAN), Australian Missing Persons Register and other such organisations, campaigns and technology – there is today, much more help available than in the 1980s.

Child-Safe International and the SafeKnight Foundation are now collaborating with author Melissa-Jane Pouliot to endorse her book ‘Write About Me’ and to promote a new FREE mobile download safety app called SafeKnight. A tool not available for those like Ursula Barwick (a case on which “Write About Me’ is inspired by, in the 1980s).

This is an excellent read and I would like to personally give it my endorsement and support. Once started, I couldn’t put the book down. A tribute to the author.

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Follow this LINK for more reviews just like this one which gave Write About Me a 5-star rating:

I read this ebook on a flight back to Brisbane fr Hawaii. Started it 2 days before, but only got to page 1, the rest on that flight. I cried all the way through, as I too have a missing loved one in my circle, also from the Gosford area. It broke my heart reading this. So well written, so poignant, so REAL. Brilliantly written. A page-turner but you must have boxes of tissues handy.


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