A book gift to keep readers warm

While we’re sweltering here in Australia, readers in the US and UK are reaching for their blankets and a good book. That’s why Australian author Melissa Pouliot is offering the Kindle edition of her #1 #besteller Write About Me for just 99c in the US and UK. Another reason the book has been discounted from $4.99 to just 99c is to celebrate it’s new cover!

Follow this link to download your copy

And please feel free to share with your friends. It’s a huge boost to authors when readers enjoy their book as much as they enjoy writing it!



The art of selling books – hints from an author and her best stockist

I am still new to the fiction writing market. Although I’ve been writing my whole life through my journalism career and media business, I am a debutante self-published author. Since launching my debut novel Write About Me last year, I have stumbled and raced at rapid speed around the steep learning curve of selling books.

Today I had an enlightening conversation with my most favourite stockists of Write About Me as I hand-delivered their 8th order of books in 6 months. This has prompted me to share with other bookstores and stockists of books the art of selling paperbacks for new authors. 

Selling books is not rocket science, but the reality is that books don’t sell themselves unless of course you are Jodi Picoult, J.K. Rowling or Hannah Kent. But until an author reaches global domination, they need to be continually working with their stockists at how to best reach their target market – readers.

MJP_FB header Feb 14Hint 1. Just because you are stocking a fantastic book which is a #1 bestseller, has been seen on television, in newspapers, magazines and every social media platform known to man (as is the case with Write About Me) – doesn’t mean your customers will have heard of it. Talk to your customers about the book, let them know you have a #1 bestseller in your store. This will immediately get their attention.

Hint 2. Ask the author for signed copies. If a customer knows it is personally signed they will be more inclined to purchase.

Hint 3. Keep in touch with your authors. Know what they’re up to. Follow them on Facebook, twitter, Instagram or whatever social media platform is your favourite. That way you can share with your customers all the excitement that’s happening around that book and any future books they’re working on.

Hint 4. Read the book. Know what it’s about so you can tell your customers a little bit more about it. Share some of the highlights and pass on what others are saying about it. Write a review and stick it to the shelf in front of the books. Invite your customers to submit reviews and stick them to the shelf.

Hint 5. Be realistic about how many you can sell. If you’ve genuinely made the decision to stock the book, it is in your best interest to sell as many as you can so you can collect your commission. But don’t expect every book to sell out on the first day. Just because your author is not Bryce Courtenay or Stephen King, doesn’t mean their book is not a great read. It just takes a little more effort to spread the word.

It makes sense for stockists and authors to work together to sell books – it’s a win win for both. You never know, your debut author might be the next big thing to hit the book scene. And you can be rest assured, it will be the stockists who went the extra mile to sell 50 books that your author will remember when she’s selling 50,000.



Love being on top!

We knew that would get your attention! That’s the power of words.

But in author speak, on top means #1 and that’s exactly where Write About Me is currently sitting. And we’re pretty excited here at The Word Mint for our author Melissa-Jane Pouliot. If you want to see what all the fuss is about, pack some tissues, don your best 80s gear and enjoy the ride.

  • Write About Me is available on Amazon as a Kindle and paperback
  • It is also available as a paperback from a range of stockists in Australia


Write About Me hits more shelves

It is so fantastic when new stockists come online @ The Word Mint! This week a batch of personally-signed copies of “Write About Me” are making their way to the shelves of Tamworth Newsagency in NSW, who are among a number of new stockists who want this self-published book by a brand new Australian author on their shelves.

WriteAboutMeConfrontingPicWhen Melissa-Jane Pouliot first published her novel and set up The Word Mint, we weren’t sure how we’d get it into bookstores but it seems that although we don’t have a huge publisher/publicist and distributor behind the book, it is still gaining significant traction and popularity having reached #1 on Amazon several times prior to Christmas and our list of stockists growing each week. Most importantly, Melissa-Jane gets at least one personal message a day from a reader who has been moved by her book, and she is getting some great reviews on Amazon and Goodreads.

In terms of paperback sales in Australia, we have needed to increase print runs significantly over the past two months to meet demand – thank you! Doing all the marketing, networking, social media, research and distribution ourselves The Word Mint still has a lot to learn but learning as we go along makes the journey so much more exciting!

Why BookBub works for authors and readers

BOOKBUB SAYS…“We only feature books that are bestsellers or written by a bestselling author, were published by a top-tier publisher, or have received strong reviews from critics and readers.” BookBub website home page

It’s been an exciting weekend in The Word Mint thanks to BookBub. And as a result “Write About Me” is now a #1 Bestseller as well as an Amazon Hot Seller, Hot New Release, Top Rated and Gift Idea! Sales have also jumped by a whopping 600% in the days after the promotion finished. Happy Dance!


After the promotion finished, Write About Me is holding steady at #1 in several categories.

How did I get onto BookBub?

My Amazon publishing mentor and a group of international authors she introduced me to put me onto BookBub to promote “Write About Me” with the global reading market as my target.

What happened next?

I submitted Write About Me via an online form and waited with anticipation to be accepted. As their website states very clearly above – they only feature top quality content and I wasn’t sure my self-published debut fiction novel that was only about 4 months old would pass.


Yay! After BookBub accepted my book, all I had to do was pay $110, schedule my book to be free for the duration of the promotion and let BookBub do the rest.

Results of previous paid campaigns?

I had just trialled a paid Facebook campaign for Halloween, targetting Vancouver and London and setting my age group from 16-64. It cost me almost $100. Although Facebook tells me more than 20,000 people viewed my post the results were appalling. There were minimal downloads of my Kindle version on Amazon while the book was free and there were no follow up sales. I received only about 10 post likes and no new page likes for The World Mint.

Would BookBub deliver?

I was losing confidence in attracting a global audience despite getting great reviews and feedback on my book from everyone who was reading it. Was BookBub any different?

BookBub explosion

Just a few hours after BookBub posted the image below on their Facebook page, more than 9000 people had downloaded it. For the next 12 hours this tally rose and rose, as did my rankings.By the end of the promotion more than 26,500 people were reading Write About Me.

BookBub Facebook Post

BookBub Facebook Post

Rankings during promotion

During the promotion the book reached #4 in the entire Kindle store. It was #3 in Mystery, #4 in Literary Fiction, #1 in Drama – it seemed that everywhere you looked on Amazon, there was the amazing cover that my brother from fashion label LP33.3 designed for Write About Me.

Below is a Screen Grab Brag Gallery.